Coffin and casket training package

Caskets fitted with traditional hides

Contact your local manufacturer and ask them to fit your casket with a traditional hide/skin. Hides can be ordered from Monique below. There are many variations and colours to choose from, see some of them below:

Contact Details:

Monique Strydom
Mobile: +27 72 931 0497

Synopsis Of Services

Our services include coffin and casket training courses, training manuals and blueprints, tutorial videos, do-it-yourself kits, templates, marketing & business package, all of which will assist you to either secure a job in the funetal industry or start your own manufacturing business.


Training Manuals

The manuals explain in detail how to manufacture coffins and caskets, including how to stain chipboard so it resembles hardwood. It includes sizes, images, photos and a step-by-step guide. This is also a cost effective way to learn the manufacturing process of a coffin and casket.