Coffin and casket training videos

Coffin Making Tools

Compressor and spray guns
Circular hand saw, table saw or radial arm saw
Sander and sandpaper
Drill machine

Other Small Tools & Equipment

Staple gun and staples
Straight edge ruler
Tape measure
Punch to countersink panel pins
Pencil and rubber
Dustbin and broom
Brackets on wall or workbench to hang coffin when applying paint/oxide
Wooden tables to work on
Stands used when spraying coffins
Wooden stands for storing completed coffins
Shelves to store wood
Protractor and bevel

Coffin Business - Benefits

Your own business
Huge demand for coffins and caskets
High markup on the products
Start now and be your own boss
Build it into a lucrative business
Video tutorials will kickstart your business
Training material is easy and inexpensive
The sooner you start the sooner you can become independant


Synopsis Of Services

Our services include coffin and casket training courses, training manuals and blueprints, tutorial videos, do-it-yourself kits, templates, marketing & business package, all of which will assist you to either secure a job in the funetal industry or start your own manufacturing business.


Training Manuals

The manuals explain in detail how to manufacture coffins and caskets, including how to stain chipboard so it resembles hardwood. It includes sizes, images, photos and a step-by-step guide. This is also a cost effective way to learn the manufacturing process of a coffin and casket.