Coffin and casket training videos

Coffin training videos

Different Coffin Training Options

There are four different training options available, which have been designed to cater for those of you with either time or financial constraints and also to assist those with minimal carpentry skills. You will need a PC or laptop to view all the files. You only receive a certificate when you attend a course.

Option One - Home Training Package

This package comprises of the training manuals, videos, templates & business package. You can study and practice at home in your own time. The cost of this package is R 1,250.00 plus R 100.00 courier.

Option Two - Home Training Package 2

This package comprises of the training manuals, templates & business package (excluding the training videos). The cost of this package is R 570.00 plus R 450.00 for the templates, but the templates are optional.

Option Three - Do-It-Yourself Kit

This option comprises of the training manuals, videos, templates and a pre-made infant coffin and casket, which you can use as an example when learning how to make them. The cost of this package is R 2,600.00 plus R 300.00 for the courier.

Option Four - Training Course

With this option you physically attend a training course in Boksburg where our tutor will teach you how to make a coffin and casket. The duration is on average about 2 days, depending on the student(s), some are fast learners and some are slower. The cost of the course is R 4,680.00 per student. There is accommodation close by.

Feel free to CONTACT US should you have any questions. View synopsis of the manuals and videos HERE.


Synopsis Of Services

Our services include coffin and casket training courses, training manuals and blueprints, tutorial videos, do-it-yourself kits, templates, marketing & business package, all of which will assist you to either secure a job in the funetal industry or start your own manufacturing business.


Training Manuals

The manuals explain in detail how to manufacture coffins and caskets, including how to stain chipboard so it resembles hardwood. It includes sizes, images, photos and a step-by-step guide. This is also a cost effective way to learn the manufacturing process of a coffin and casket.